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SEO; There is More Than Meets the Eye

A misunderstanding that is prevalent in marketing is that SEO is all about getting leads. Even though this is a big part of it there are some things that need to be kept in mind when going the SEO route. The following are a few pointers.
The No-follow Tag Whenever the need arises to hide pages from search results there are those who use the no-follow tags. The truth is that whenever Google is doing a search, it will still take into account pages marked with no-follow tags. The pages will still be indexed by search engines. When no-follow tags are used, the main thing that is happening is that the page loses PageRank. The only way to avoid page indexing is to use proper commands.

When to Use Outbound Links When linking your website that is not relevant to your social media, then it may not be worth it. Looking at it from a PageRank point of view, external links take away the punch of the amount of traffic that should lead to your site. Things have changed a lot since the early days of sear…