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If You Want Your PPC Ads to Attract High-Quality Leads, Avoid These 5 Mistakes

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a wonderful innovation enabled by online technology. It allows advertisers to attract qualified prospects and customers with a precision that pre-Internet direct marketers did not even dream of. 

The ability to send an advertising message directly to someone while they are searching for information on a particulr subject or based on their self-declared personal interests is a mighty weapon. It allows many highly niched businesses to flourish despite their inability to target customers through traditional classified or display advertising, late-night television or radio commercials.

However, PPC is not a free lunch. Successful campaigns require intelligent strategy and avoiding common errors.

One: Not adopting new features.
Most advertisers still use text-only display ads. Powerful headlines and calls to action are still the heart of online messages, but prospects are now used to seeing them in other formats. A striking image is likely to catch their eye.…